Jewelry made from vintage designer buttons

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The first jewelry made from vintage designer buttons

From countries around the world, the most beautiful buttons were ordered. From Australia and New Zealand to France and England. These buttons come from bags, pencil skirts and jackets. For example, the button of a bag that has a burn hole in it gets a second life by turning it into jewelry. So in addition to the jewelry really being an upgrade for your outfit, all the pieces also have a previous life behind them as part of a designer item.

Vintage jewelry

vintage jewelry


Vintage jewelry

the collection

Each piece of jewelry is unique and has its own story. As a result, you are assured of an authentic and exclusive specimen. Each button thus gets a second life and that is exactly what Kneaup stands for.

The collection consists of gold- and silver-tone necklaces and bracelets. All the jewelry in the collection is named after one of the cities where the buttons come from. From Sydney to Amsterdam and from Cape Town to Antwerp.

The Kneaup necklaces have a length of 45 centimeters. The Kneaup bracelets are adjustable and when ordering, the circumference of the wrist can be provided so that the bracelet will always fit. The Kneaup Ring Marbella is available in sizes 17, 18 and 19.

More in Kneaup’s collection soon….

Vintage jewelry
Vintage jewelry
Vintage jewelry

the origin of kneaup

In the summer of 2020, the idea of turning vintage buttons, into jewelry, was born. But how do you get the very best buttons? A long search followed, resulting in these first beauties.

The buttons come from all over the world. From Australia and New – Zealand to France and England. Together with jewelers and a goldsmith, I looked at the best way to transform these buttons into jewelry. What was important here was that you still had to be able to see that this was an original knot and that it was fully appreciated. Therefore we chose to keep the back of the button with a stamp with the mark on it intact.




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